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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Ceiling fan chain pulls installed after some stormy weather...

Ma had a couple of ceiling fan chain pulls she wanted to go on the newly installed patio fan/light to replace the plain white painted metal ones that came on the Hunter branded outdoor rated fan.  I had the fish model my ceiling fan chain in my bedroom at the other house, before we moved, and the lighthouse pull was hanging from the front office ceiling fan chain.

Not sure where Ma got these hand painted pulls, just that we've had them for years.  Maybe she bought them at a gift shop in Savannah, or perhaps Gatlinburg, or they may have been Christmas gifts from family...

Hurricane Irma/Tropical Storm Irma rolled through Georgia over the last couple of days, knocking our power out for 30+ hours and taking down at least a couple of trees in the neighborhood, one in the woods behind our house, and the other one in front of a neighbor's home.

The one across the street fell right across the sidewalk.  The horror!  I could have been crushed, if I ever took walks around the neighborhood, which I haven't, and now I am surely dissuaded from doing so.  "Danger, Will Robinson!" :P

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