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Monday, September 04, 2017

SD Memory Card Failure

My camera's SD memory card broke apart on me.  I take the card out of the camera to insert it into a usb card reader, and then put that into my desktop's usb port after taking photos to upload and edit them.

This is my third 2GB SD card that's failed/worn out since I received the 'gently used' camera in 2011.  I put a piece of tape around the card to hold it back together and it seems to still work.  I have another card that had issues at times, but still worked on occasion, so kept it in case of a failure with the current one.

The camera won't recognize a larger memory storage SD card than 2GB, so I just have to find a replacement online.  I don't think memory card manufacturers continue to produce new ones with that lower storage capacity, but there are plenty of new old stock still out there.

I recently saw a micro SD card that can hold 400GB of data, so they continue to upgrade the storage card memory technology...

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