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Friday, September 01, 2017

Around the house projects...

Ma and Pa had a contractor/handyman friend from church come and take care of some projects around the house, including installing storm doors over the front and back doors.

These are neat in that the top half glass of the door slides down and a screen section unfurls from a roller in the top of the door.

Should be nice for letting a cool breeze flow through the house once the weather changes from the current warm and humid summer heat.

An outdoor rated fan/light was installed on the back covered patio, Closetmaid shelves/racks in the pantry, a new toilet in one of the bathrooms, towel racks/bars and tissue holder and a fixed/curved type shower curtain rod also put up in the bathrooms.  A new outdoor light fixture went in over the front door.

A peephole was installed in the front door, much needed since you could not see who was at the door when someone knocked or rang the doorbell. The front door is recessed a few feet back between the brick walls of the front of the house and no windows to check who's there, a safety issue with opening a door to strangers, and the new locking storm doors also help a bit with that issue, but any determined intruder won't be stopped by any locks, windows, or doors, so other defensive measures are in place nearby should a worst case scenario play out.

Although there's a sign at the front of the subdivision stating 'No Soliciting', we've still had Jehovah's Witnesses and home security alarm sellers come by the house several times since we moved in a couple of months ago.

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