Thursday, January 29, 2015

5.11 Tactical Notebook Wallet

I found this 5.11 GWP Notebook Wallet while browsing ebay and the cost was similar to both Maxpedition and Rite in the Rain 3x5 notebook covers that I've bought for my pa in the past, so I bid and won the one that was up for auction to give it try for everyday carry, with the total being under $15 shipped. I didn't see it listed on the 5.11 website, so I don't know if it's a current new production item or an older discontinued one.

The pouch color was listed as 'STORM' which is near that gray/green foliage color on the exterior, with a patch of velcro to add/customize with your own flag or moral patch, and it came with an included tan 3x5 Rite in the Rain notebook.

The orange colored interior has one inside pocket on the right side, for the back cover of the notebook to slide into, or possibly for storing other items instead.

There's a knotted loop of orange cord (not paracord) attached to the zipper pull, and I'm gonna replace it with paracord and maybe pimp it out with a Schmuckatelli Co. lanyard bead.

There's a strap of elastic webbing sewn across the inner left side with three openings for pens, pencils, pocket knife, multitool, flashlights, or other EDC gadgets and gear.  A length of orange webbing is also sewn on the left side with a keyring at the end.

The backside of the pouch has MOLLE webbing sewn in place along with a couple of sturdy webbing attachment straps with button snaps, that are meant to stay connected to the pouch since they won't slide out of the plastic clips they fit through at the top of the pouch.

If the pouch is not attached to webbing on or inside another bag/pack, the straps can be tucked underneath its own webbing, or left out to slide on a belt, and adjusted for fit with running its straps under and out the MOLLE webbing.

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