Monday, June 25, 2018

LED light fail...

During a thunderstorm last week, our power went out, so I retrieved my Nextorch Eco Star headlamp from the nightstand where it was stored and turned it on. The light came on, but would not change modes (hi/low/red) or turn off.

I took the batteries out and checked them, and they were still good, so I put them back in the light, but it then would not come on at all.

I tried a fresh set of batteries, and still the light would not work. At least I have plenty of other lights on hand that do work, and the Manker E02 fit snugly in the Nextorch headlamp clamp for hands free use.

I sent an email to Nextorch, since they supposedly have a 'Limited Lifetime' warranty, and will wait and see if they respond... The Eco Drive had worked fine since I bought it in 2014, but it's disconcerting when you need a light and it no longer functions for any apparent reason... :/

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