Authentic Sanrenmu GJ040Z Key Shaped Multi-purpose Stainless Steel EDC Tool

Sunday, September 03, 2017

SAK bite...

I was using my thumbnail to scrape off something that was stuck on the side of a pair of Victorinox Orange Alox Rambler scissors (Ma's) and didn't realize the side edge of the scissors had sliced into my thumb (diabetic peripheral neuropathy) until I saw blood drops and wondered where that was coming from, lol. 

Didn't even feel it and it took a bit before it stopped bleeding, just hope it doesn't get infected...

And a photo of Ma's edc keyring attachment with the alox Rambler, Fenix E01 LED flashlight, and a blue stainless steel whistle with a gaucho interweave knot that I added to it with 0.9mm string.

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