Monday, December 05, 2016

Tuna in December...

Found a few 'New' tuna kits/flavors at wallyworld this morning.  A couple of StarKist versions,Gourmet Selects:  Thai Style Tuna and Southwester Style Tuna, and a Bumble Bee option of Cheesy Tuna Melt.

I've been buying these type lunch/snack tuna kits for a long time, and although there's not much in them, usually 3 to 4 ounces worth between the tuna and crackers, it's filling enough for a snack.

 The kits used to have more in them, but like everything else nowadays, same size package, less content, higher price.

*I've just tried the 'Cheesy' version so far, and it was ok, but I like Bumble Bee's 'Chipotle Tuna' and Buffalo  Style Chicken Salad options better. And for the StarKist, I like the Thai Style for its spiciness, but the Southwestern was just ok, but I wouldn't mind it just to change up the flavors if I were eating them more often...

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