Authentic Sanrenmu GJ040Z Key Shaped Multi-purpose Stainless Steel EDC Tool

Friday, August 08, 2014

A new, used pocket EDC...

I bought a Wenger Traveler locking variant Swiss Army Knife with black scales off of fleabay, this one used and slightly abused by a previous owner, having both the blade tip and awl bent.

The bends are not terrible, certainly noticeable with a visual inspection, but shouldn't affect their function.  The seller mentioned the blade tip bend, but not the awl bend.  For the price paid, I'm satisfied that I've gotten my money's worth.

I added a Victorinox Mini Screwdriver to the corkscrew, and it's a tight fit with the corkscrew being just a tad different than the Victorinox version.

I removed the short chain it had with the split ring, as the links had a bit of rust in them, and put the split ring on the keyring attachment point.

This will be my EDC pocket knife, and unlike an expensive spanking new knife, I won't worry if loaning it to someone or if it should get lost, and feel it should perform just fine for my uses.  I just need to tie a paracord lanyard for it, add a small LED flashlight, and it'll be good to go.

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