Authentic Sanrenmu GJ040Z Key Shaped Multi-purpose Stainless Steel EDC Tool

Thursday, August 07, 2014

EDC screwdrivers in today's mail call...

I ordered a couple Victorinox Quattro 4-sided screwdrivers, than can be tucked in a wallet or added to a keyring, and a few Mini Screwdrivers that fit in the corkscrew of some Victorinox and Wenger Swiss Army Knives.

I used to have a Swisscard, that the Quattro screwdriver fit inside, but it was a bit thick for my liking when inside a wallet, and I'd either sold it or given it to a friend or family member years ago. 

Since they sell all the individual components separately, it's easy to get a replacement for a lost item, like the toothpicks and tweezers, or just buy them to use on their own....

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