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Friday, June 27, 2014

Customer service comes through...

I posted last month about my Fiskars Folding Saw fail, and their customer service actually came through and sent me a new replacement.

Although I appreciate receiving the new saw, I still have my doubts about whether I just had a defective one, or if it might happen again.  Looks like it may end up serving as a Christmas or birthday present for a friend or family member, lol...

On a similar side note, I also had a Streamlight Stylus that was not working, and mailed it into an authorized service center a few weeks ago, and got an email last week from the local Batteries Plus Bulbs that I would recieve a free warranty replacement. They said that I could pay to have them mail it to me since the company doesn't reimburse them for shipping cost, or I could pick it up.  Luckily the store is close by and I've wanted to check it out since it opened, and now had a reason to visit.

The store had a nice selection of flashlights and batteries(didn't check out the bulbs), and if I need something in a hurry and can't wait for an ebay or amazon purchase, the prices aren't too much higher than online, and you can check and see if what you need is in stock at your local store on their website.

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