Monday, May 26, 2014

Fiskars Folding Saw... Fail.

I bought this Fiskars Folding Saw several years ago, already had a couple of other brands, but found this one on sale/clearance at Target(I think) at the time, so bought it as a back-up.  I'd never used it myself, kept it stored in a bug-out-bag, but let a friend that was doing some yard work for us borrow it to prune some branches, and the plastic around the pivot point suffered a catastrophic fail and broke apart during use.  I couldn't find the lock button.

I don't know if it's even worth my time to see if Fiskars Lifetime Warranty will cover/repair/replace this defective item, but I submitted a claim anyway to see how their customer service responds.

*And a positive response on the warranty, as Fiskars sent me a replacement saw, although I've not used it, kept still in the packaging.  The failure of the first one leaves me thinking I'll need a back-up saw if I use the Fiskars...

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