Monday, May 05, 2014

Painting the patio furniture...

The cast iron table and chairs had peeling paint and rust showing through, and the plastic Adirondack chairs were looking sun faded too.  I went over the cast iron stuff yesterday morning with a wire brush to remove surface rust and the peeling paint chips.

This morning Ma and I washed them clean of dirt, dust, pollen, bird crap, and assorted spiderwebs and whatnot, then let 'em dry for a bit in the sun.

After they looked dry we gave them all a coat of spray paint, Krylon Primer/Paint Hunter Green Satin Finish.  They may need another coat after we let them dry.  It was getting a bit warm out there, so we went back inside the house and will probaby do some touch up where needed tomorrow.

Ma used the same Krylon stuff on another of the plastic chairs a couple of years ago and it can probably use another coat as well, only getting a once over the last time.

Ma is waiting for a call to set up a PET scan appointment this week, needed before she can start chemotherapy and other treatment for IBC...


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