Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Floppy disk pen caddy project...

It's been a week since we moved into the new house and I got side tracked yesterday while unpacking.

I still have a bunch of old 3.5" floppy disks and made a couple of pen caddys/holders with some of them.

Lots of tutorials floating around the web on assembling them with cable ties.

I thought about using paracord instead of cable ties, but didn't want to end up spending that much more time on putting them together.  Maybe next time, lol...

As an Amazon affiliate I earn a small percentage of sales when folks go to amazon through my links and shop, and that helps pay the bills, so, 'Thanks!'.

Check out the VENOM and VENOM RED mochi drawstring backpacks with Stormdrane logo and stitched paracord handle.  I receive a percentage from the sale of each of those versions from Mochibrand.

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Flavored Tuna Pouches...

With the food in the pantry and refrigerator dwindling down before we move house, in less than a week now, I went to Kroger to look for some things to eat with the crackers, bread, and condiments we have left.

I bought a variety of tuna pouches, Bumble Bee and StarKist brands in different flavors, along with some sliced cheese.

I wonder if I'll consume enough mercury to set off a metal detector...

*Note:  Do not rub your eyes after handling the jalapeƱo tuna versions.  I didn't think I had gotten any on my hands when I used a fork to fish the tuna out of the pouch, but evidently I did, because rubbing my eyes afterward set both of my peepers to full on burning mode, lol...

Monday, June 05, 2017

American Made - Official Trailer [HD]

Tom Cruise as a pilot, but this isn't the 'Top Gun' sequel..

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend

Hope everyone has a safe Memorial Day weekend.

I'm sitting on the back patio with my bubba mug of sweet iced tea and the Sunday edition of the Atlanta newspaper.

I heard sporadic fireworks and maybe someone firing off a pistol/rifle/shotgun too last night.  I'm sure there will be more tonight and tomorrow, unless it rains, and there is the possibility of precipitation in the forecast.

It's feeling a bit warm in the sun right now, with our patio umbrella and stands being sold to a nice lady that saw the ad on craigslist, and came by to buy them yesterday.  We'll be moving in a couple of weeks, if everything goes as planned, and the new home has a much smaller, covered patio, so no need for the umbrella and stands over there.

No sunscreen on, so I won't be out here for long or I'll certainly get sunburned, and there's a couple of nosy bees and a wasp in the vicinity...

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Texas BBQ Payday Bar...

Saw this Payday bar in a Texas BBQ (barbecue) flavor on one of the endcaps by the registers at wallyworld this morning, so bought one to try.

Well, it tasted like a regular Payday bar, but with just a hint of bbq flavor.  They coulda/shoulda gone with more flavoring.  I only bought and tried the one, so I don't know if I just got a weak one out of a batch or what.  Not impressed.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

flowers out front

Some of Ma's flowers out front, last time we'll see them bloom here, since the house will be sold and we're scheduled to move next month.