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Friday, July 07, 2017

Storage shelves for the garage...

We needed some shelving for the garage to organize things that we still have to unpack and bring to the new house from storage after moving three weeks ago, so we bought four of these Edsal Ultra Rack shelves (48"W x 18"D x 72"H).

Amazon carries them, but they were on clearance at Walmart, so bought them from two different stores since each store only had a couple in stock.  They actually raised the price on the shelves twice this week, after marking them for clearance, paying for them online, then going to pick them up after getting email notification that they were ready.

Each box of shelves weighs 74lbs, so they're heavy buggers, but supposed to be strong enough to support up to 4000lbs total, 800lbs per shelf, five shelves per rack.

The only tool needed was a rubber mallet, to tap down on the braces and supports to seat the pins in the corner posts, before dropping the composite wood shelves in place.  Ma and I assembled the first one together, but I did the others by myself once I understood how everything fit.

Assembled two yesterday and the other two this morning, and got thoroughly soaked with sweat with the high humidity and near 90 degree temps.  Had two high velocity fans blowing on me to stave off heat exhaustion, but still got a little queasy and dizzy, so had to take a few breaks and drink plenty of water.

Two and one half of the shelves went up against one of the garage walls, and the other one and a half went inside the narrow garage utility closet, leaving barely enough room to scoot between the wall and shelves.  They seem sturdy enough, although we probably should find some suitable anti-tip anchors to secure them to the wall, just for safety's sake...

*Update ~ Bought a couple more of the same shelves, had to wait a more than a week for them to be delivered to the closest Walmart for pick-up.  Now have a total of 6 of them now, and put these two up on the other side of the garage.  Funny thing with Walmart marking these as being on 'clearance', but they keep raising the price on them, and Amazon has lowered the price on them, but still higher than wallyworld..

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