Saturday, July 22, 2017

Jury duty summons, again...

In today's mail, a jury duty notice from Henry County Superior Court. The summons, for me to report in August, was forwarded from my last address, postmarked ten days ago, but I don't think it matters that I moved, since I'm still in the same zip code.

This will be the fifth or sixth time I've had to report for jury duty, I'm losing count, although I've only ended up serving on one jury so far, a federal criminal case (gun trafficking) in Atlanta, seventeen or so years ago.

This court is on the McDonough town square, a different building and courthouse than the last one I reported for less than three years ago (Oct 2014).  Being called to serve on a jury is our civic duty, and in this county they pay you $25 for each day that you have to show up.

If it's the same process as last time, you go in the first day, and if not chosen to serve that day, you go home and call in each day after that to see if you have to go back to the courthouse, until the jury pool of people that you were called up in is no longer needed, and released.

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