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Monday, March 27, 2017

Cane Tips

I bought a couple of replacement 'cane tips', since one of Pa's canes had one that had worn out, all the way through to the metal shaft, leaving a hole in the bottom and no longer offering traction.

I think I've done knot work on almost a half dozen canes for Pa, but two or three have gone missing, with him setting them down somewhere and forgetting about them. I know Ma mentioned he knows he left one in a shopping cart at a grocery store, but it wasn't there when he went back to look for it.

Pa really should be using a walker instead of just a cane. He actually has three of them out in the garage, but doesn't like to use them (disabled veteran).

He couldn't sleep last night and had come into the kitchen, and ended up falling and hitting his head on the floor, leaving a knot on his noggin and a bloody shirt to show for it. He said he called out for help, but neither I or Ma heard him, and he couldn't get up by himself, so he crawled to the living room and stretched out between the sofa and love seat until Ma got up to fix breakfast a couple of hours later and found him. It took both of them a while to get him up off the floor.. Pa refused to go to see the doctor to check him out. 

I suggested Ma get him a backpack to wear, with food and water, in case he falls again and gets hungry/thirsty waiting for one of us to find him and help him get back up...

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