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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Found some 'NEW' foodie things to try...

Found some new food ingredients/condiment type seasonings to try during a midnight run to wallyworld.

I've had the Kernal Seasons brand of popcorn seasonings before, butter flavor I think it was, but haven't tried this 'Cheesy Jalapeño' version yet.

The other two items have 'NEW' on the packaging and I've not tried either of them yet.  The 'French's Crispy Jalapeños' sound tasty, and should be if they're anything like their 'French Fried Onions'.

And the other selection I bought to try was 'Pik-Nik French Fried Onions', that I went with because they were cheaper than the French's brand, lol.  I've had their 'Shoestring Potatoes' offerings before, and vaguely remember them being ok.

When I was still driving a tractor trailer, I was looking for my next destination to pick up a load, driving around in the snow late one night somewhere in New York state, and I don't recall what the load was listed as, but as I drove around (bad directions often on the SAT-COM we used), I could smell what I thought were onion rings cooking, and as I soon found out, that was the plant/warehouse (French's) I was looking for, which seemed to be located in a more residential area than industrial.  I wondered if the folks living all around there ever got sick of that wonderful aroma, lol...

*I couldn't resist waiting to try the Crispy Jalapeños, so I opened them up.... And they're good. I'd buy 'em again just to snack on right out of the container. I think they'll go good with/on any number of things like soup, salad, casseroles, as well as the pictured burger, pizza, and tacos on the package label...

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