Thursday, July 28, 2016

Tobacco user freebies...

I received this wall mountable bottle opener in the mail as a freebie from Copenhagen Tobacco, a giveaway qualified for by making multiple visits to the site on different days, last month.

No screws were provided, but not a big deal since I'm sure I probably have some out in the garage somewhere.

Also came with instructions for making your own magnetic bottle cap catcher, for the DIY crowd.

Cigarette and smokeless tobacco companies occasionally give away items and have contests/sweepstakes fairly often, you just have to be a tobacco user and sign up/join their respective brand websites.  Some also will mail out coupons to save a dollar or two on a pack of smokes or a tin of snuff/dip.

As the number of folks using tobacco continues to decline, the companies are doing what they can to hold on to the customers they still have.  Health implications and second hand smoke issues are understood, so I have no problem with folks that want to use tobacco or those that don't want to be around it.

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