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Saturday, July 30, 2016


While browsing the frozen aisles at wallyworld, I found a new pizza to try, made by the SASQUATCH Pizza Co..

I figured I'd at least try it before passing judgement, although I'm guessing it's mostly a whole lot of bread, like the Little Caesars offerings, lol.

I've gotten to where I don't really like the taste of the frozen pizza varieties that are out there, but it's still so much cheaper than carryout or delivery, so that's what I've limited myself to with my budget.  Papa Johns has been my favorite for a long time, although I've not ordered from them in the last three or four months...

Purchase price was $7.98, and at 51+ ounces, comparably comes out to a couple of cents per ounce less than a DiGiorno Supreme Rising Crust pizza (15.6 cents per oz versus 17.6 cents per oz at Walmart).

*And after heating and eating the pizza, I actually like it.  Better than DiGiorno's 'supreme' offering anyway.  I did add some more pepperoni slices to the pizza, covering some of the top where they could have used more than what they provided, but otherwise didn't add anymore cheese or jalapenos like I sometimes do with other frozen varieties.  So, I would buy it again, but maybe try a different version, Mega Meat or Pepperoni...

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