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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Nebo Larry C Flashlight and an RCR123A Olight battery for my S1 Baton

A couple of recent arrivals, that I bought with the little bit of Christmas money I had left after a surprise brake issue on my truck, are a Nebo Larry C flashlight with COB LED (Chip on Board).  


It's a bright bugger on three AAA batteries, good to light up a room, tent, or attached to the underside of a car/truck hood with the magnetic swivel pocket clip to shine down on the engine bay and wonder what's wrong, lol.  I should get some rechargeable NiMH cells for it.

The Olight RCR123A batterywith a supposed 500 recharge cycles should easily pay for itself over time, although giving shorter runtimes than primary CR123A batteries.

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