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Friday, January 08, 2016

Marble's Hat Clip Combo Set

 I came across this Marble's Hat Clip Combo Set online, and bought one to check them out.  They were sold individually in stainless and a better value price wise in combo packs, and I chose the black/green/stainless finish offering.  The 'green' looks a bit like a green/gold combination to me.  The other set had purple/blue/pink clips.

They feel sturdy enough in hand to perform bottle opening and simple screwdriving needs and maybe even some light prying tasks.  The clips fit securely on my cap, so I didn't feel any worry about it slipping off on its own.

I'll have to see if I can add any knot work to them without affecting the fit while attached to a hat/cap.  I think they'd make a nice simple gift for hat wearing friend/family members.  At the time I bought the combo set, the price was less than $9 shipped, so I like 'em.


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