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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Dunham Boots

I bought these Dunham Boots off ebay several years ago, slightly used and in good condition, liking the look, style, and color of them, but I have problems with footwear.

I've worn size 13 4E for years, but these boots are only 13 2E, and they're on the snug side when my feet aren't swollen, which they often are and I can't even get my feet in them when they swell up more than usual.

I had them in the back of the closet and had forgotten about them until I saw them again yesterday.  I took 'em out and removed the original laces and gave them a good going over with saddle soap and then replaced the old laces with some brown paracord that looked like a good match for them.

I was going to see if my pa could wear them, but I think they're too big for his feet and he has trouble with his hands and has made the senior citizen move to velcro closures on shoes, so tying them would be an issue for him anyway.

I have diabetic peripheral neuorpathy, and snug shoes bug me something extra special.  I've tried various different socks, but the diabetic type are usually thin and loose or at the other extreme compression type too tight.  It's aggravating finding socks and footwear that work well together.

I know I should stick to trying on shoes/boots before I buy them online, in the gamble of will they fit, not being able to resist what looked like a good deal, lol...

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