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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Front porch spider...

Front porch spider needs to keep its web away from the walkway if'n it wants to keep on spidering.  Today, it was off to the side by the bushes.

The other day it was between the hanging plants right across the porch, so I had to go back inside and go out the garage door to get the newspaper, dark 4 something in the AM with noisy garage door doing the open and close thing, likely to attract zombies or whatnot.

Next time I may just get a broom and bug spray and not be so considerate.  Outside I tend to leave the buggers alone, come in the house and it's game on, with swatters, sprays, brooms, boots, shoes, and I even have one of them electric shock rackets that actually sparks and pops like a firecracker when it contacts a critter, but doesn't always finish 'em with the first jolt, lol...

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