Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Trigger Snap Hooks for EDC Paracord/Keychain Projects...

A couple of trigger snap hooks came in today's mail. I've used/cannabalized the same type before from old metal wallet chains to use with paracord projects, and they work out well enough, being especially nice to one-hand clip on/off a belt loop, compared with some other types of clips that can be fiddly to manage.

These have a 40lb safe work load rating, which is a percentage of a higher (unknown in this model, not mentioned on the package) actual break limit, but these work out fine for keychain or wallet lanyard use.

I've used them for paracord dog leashes for smaller pets, up to 20 -30 pound dogs. I'd use a stronger version of the clips for bigger dogs or when making a lanyard for someone that requested something stronger, and they do make them, but they cost a good bit more than these do.

The last two times I went to Home Depot to buy these, I checked online first, to make sure they were in stock at the store closest to me, but by the time I got to the store, someone had bought all the ones they had, so I've wasted time and gas going to and from the store. This time I just ordered a couple online, which cost more than at the store, usually the other way around when buying things online, but I figure with the shipping costs added in it comes close to being worth it this time around.

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