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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Multi-tool Tech Pen/Stylus

I've seen a few variations of this type multi-tool/pen/stylus/ruler/level and finally bought one, the Mobile3dge version.  It's okay for what it is, not super, but functional.

The twisty pen writes, but not as nicely as I'd like, and there was ink staining all over the pen tip right out of the package, and it has dried and doesn't wipe off.  I'll have to see if a Fisher Universal refill will fit.  It has a plastic tip on the cartridge that screws it in place...

The double ended screwdriver bit has philips and standard tips with a rubber o-ring in the center helping it stay secured in the top of the pen.  The stylus tip will screw onto either end of the pen, so that helps prevent loss if using the screwdriver end instead of the pen.

It has standard and metric rulers and a level, along with a pocket clip.  I'll have to borrow a tablet PC to see how the stylus works, but it feels like the standard smooth silicone affair.

I opted for this model instead of a more expensive one, since it had more knurling at the pen end, but this one feels like cheap plastic and the knurling is actually smooth despite its appearance.

I think I'll add a bit of knot work on the stylus cap, and probably keep it in the pen caddy instead of as and EDC item, time will tell...

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