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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Nebo Lite Writer...

I like pens, so I bought this Nebo Lite Writer for its use as such, plus its being a stylus and LED flashlight.  Unfortunately, I'm not impressed at all with the product compared to other Nebo items I've bought in the past.

The pen writes, the LED flashlight and stylus also work, but the quality isn't there.  The aluminum body, rubber finger grip, and stylus tip/LED clickie button are ok, but the plastic tip/pen twisty feels cheap and after just a couple of open/closing twistings, the ink cartridge fails to fully retract, so I had to unscrew the tip and readjust the ink cartridge several time to get it fully inserted so it would retract, only to mess up again, where the poorly designed twist section also removes the tip.

I've read that a Fisher Space Pen universal refill will fit, so that would be a good alternative to the installed fine point black ink cartridge.

The two LEDs running off a single AAA battery offer good light at the pen tip for writing in the dark, with good runtime(Nebo states 30 hours), and provide just enough light to use for up close tasks at a stated 10 lumens.

The new in the box pen also had some rust on the pocket clip.  I'm not gonna go through the hassle of sending it back, so I'll probably remove the pocket clip, tie a gaucho knot around the pen, and stick it in the pen caddy on the desk.  Disappointing purchase with this one, so I'd say avoid it unless you just want one for your pen collection, not something I'd recommend for EDC...


Dave Mack said...

thanks for the review I work at night and i have tried a few light pens abd i was looking t try this one next I have to say I havent found one yet I have been happy with , I do like my clip board with leds on the clip

gelo said...

In case you are still looking these are pretty good