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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Winter Storm Leon Visits McDonough...

The talking heads on the boob tube make it sound like a disaster or a nightmare, but a little dusting of snow and ice that will melt in a couple of days does not bother me(sick at home not going anywhere).  We actually had a power outage for a few hours the day before the snow, but it's been okay since.

Ample warning was given on TV, radio, and online, so those that experienced difficulty, what's your excuse?  I'm sure some folks had reason to be out, but was that last minute run to the grocery store for bread and milk worth it?  CNN report on Atlanta area snow/ice fiasco.

A neighbor left his home this morning, driving up the street, but returned shortly after, and I'm guessing the few sloped hills we have made the one neighborhood entrance/exit unpassible, at least until the light coating of snow/ice on our roads melts.  Tomorrow's weather forecast is, "Sunny and high of 46 degrees", so that should clear things up around here.

Being sick for the last couple of days with a constant headache, dry hacking cough, chest pain, shaking chills, low fever, sweating, nausea, alternating runny/stopped up nose, and just full-on creepy crud does bug me somewhat, I hope it goes away even sooner than our snowmaggedon.

And another photo taken just a few hours later shows the stuff on the street has melted despite the today's temperature staying below freezing.  Of course the wet pavement will refreeze to ice overnight, so those may still be hazardous to drive on...

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