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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Totino's Bold Rolls

I found these new Totino's Bold Rolls at Kroger yesterday.  I've enjoyed their pizza rolls since I was a kid and the Jalapeno Popper and Buffalo Style Chicken sound like winners, so I bought one of each to give 'em a try.

I didn't have a coupon, but they were two for $6 when using my Kroger loyalty card.  They can be heated in a toaster/convection oven or a microwave, but from experience I'd stay away from using a microwave since it always tends to make any bread/crust product into a hard to chew mess.

And having tried them both, I like the Buffalo Chicken better out of the two.  Both were spicy, but the Jalapeno Popper didn't hold a candle to real poppers with cheddar or cream cheese fillings.

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