Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween! or just another Thursday...

Halloween used to be a favorite time of year for me, but I'm getting old, I don't have any kids, the younger nieces and nephews live out of state, and the last Halloween party I went to was seven years ago. 

Still, there are some trick-or-treaters that go around our neighborhood each year, and some even get driven by their folks from house to houseSo, I went and bought some candy just in case, to help keep the All Hallows' Eve spirit alive.

I bought five bags of assorted sweets, and if the count of pieces printed on the packages is correct, there's 560 individually wrapped portions of 'dentist's job security' to be handed out, or if no one comes by, I may soon be in a diabetic coma. 

I spent about $0.05 per piece, if my calculator is working right, and I guess that's not too bad, since I remember paying 2 to 5 cents for individual pieces of gum, jaw breakers, and Atomic Fireballs when I was a kid.  I did get mostly cheaper Dum Dum Pops and Super Bubble Gum, and will keep the good stuff in reserve in case I run out(those Heath Bars are mine, lol)...

I also found a few new things on the shelves at wallyworld to try, including Dunkin Donuts Jelly Donut Coffee, and two new different Chef Boyardee Beef Raviolis, Spicy and Extra Spicy.

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