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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Jalapeño Bologna & Braves Ice Cream...

I saw the 'new' Oscar Mayer Jalapeño Bologna at the grocery store(Kroger) was on sale, so had to buy it.  Haven't tried it yet, but if it's got jalapeño in it, it must be good, lol... :P

A few more of the items I bought at the grocery store last night(Kroger), including some Mayfield Braves Ice Cream - Triple Play, consisting of white chocolate ice cream with a raspberry ribbon and fudge bits, which tasted pretty good.  I don't know if they server it at the Atlanta ballpark stadium(Turner Field), since I haven't been to a live game there since 1997.  Even though they have some seats that are cheaper than a movie ticket(nosebleed section), parking costs around $20 or more, and food/drink prices are criminal.

I probably wouldn't have bought the ice cream, but I had a coupon, and the same for the Turkey Hill Double Dunker, had a coupon, haven't tried it yet though, lol...

Also found some 'Manager Special' beef hotdogs marked down to half price, which they usually do when something is close to, or on it's 'best by' or 'sell by' date, and it'll get eaten soon, or frozen for later.

I like the taste of beef hotdogs better than the cheaper mystery meat(chicken/pork/turkey) dogs, but if you're gonna throw on the slaw, chili, cheese, relish, sauerkraut, onions, tabasco, mustard and ketchup, etc... the meat flavor kinda gets overridden, and it's all 'parts' anyway, 'Everything from the rooter to the tooter.', as they say... ;)

I went to the store with a handful of coupons, using all but one($1 off a gallon of Mayfield milk), which I left on the shelf in case the next customer might could use it.  I rarely drink milk, but my folks use it in cereal for breakfast, although a gallon would be more than they'd use before it went bad, even is some of it were used in recipes for cooking.

I usually save around 25% to 35% off the bill total, between in-store coupons/store loyalty card with online coupons uploaded to it, and whatever coupons I clip from the Sunday paper, or receive in the mail.

Not shown were three 12 packs of Diet Coke, one of Seagram's Ginger Ale, three store brand 2-liter diet sodas, wheat crackers, tub of cole slaw, cans of sauerkraut and hotdog chili sauce, hot and sweet jalapeño slices, couple packs of hotdog buns, microwave popcorn(butter lovers and salty sweet kettle corn), Milk Duds and Reese's Pieces.  And although most, if not all of it, is probably(ok it is) considered 'junk' and 'unhealthy', I do not care, it tastes good, not as good or less expensive as homemade/made from scratch food, but good as in quick and convenient...

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