Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hot Pockets Limited Edition

It had been a while since the last time I'd bought some Hot Pockets, and I had a coupon that I clipped from Sunday's paper, so when I looked through the selection at my local Kroger's freezer, I saw the new Limited Edition Spicy Beef Nacho and decided to give it a try.

Two minutes on 'HIGH' in the microwave, tucked in its little 'crisper' sheath, and then let stand for two more minutes after that, and I dug in. And promptly burnt my tongue with a little jet of steam as I bit into it, ouch.  Tip:  Start off using a fork for the first couple of bites, then pick it up and NOM NOM NOM your way through the rest of it.

It was tasty, and had just enough spice to add a nice heat to the flavor, without causing a runny nose, or needing to break out my handkerchief to wipe the sweat off my brow.  I'd buy 'em again, but I need a coupon.

I only bought the one box of the Spicy Beef Nacho and wished I'd bought more.  The other three that I used the coupon for were the Pepperoni Pizza and Steak and Cheese, which the box stated as being a 'New Recipe' for improved flavor, and Beef Taco.  I haven't tried those yet to see if they're any better, and I guess that's a good thing cause if I had bought four boxes of the Spicy Beef Nacho, they'd all be gone by now, lol...

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