Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Condor baseball cap with velcro for patches...

I bought this olive drab Condor branded 'tactical' 100% cotton ball cap, and it's a nice quality hat for money.

I like that there's no button on top to aggravate your noggin when wearing hearing protection at the gun range, or just bumpin' your head on something like the roof of your truck when hard charging speed bumps in the walmart parking lot... ;)

FRONT: 2" x 3" Velcro(R) / Loop Fastener for Patches such as Flag or Rank
BACK: 1" x 4" Velcro(R) / Loop Fastener for Customized 4" Name Tape
TOP: Velcro(R) / Loop Fastener for 3/4" IR Glow Square
100% Cotton
One Size Fits Most

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