Sunday, February 10, 2013

Paramount Outdoors Realtree Camo 4-LED Cap Light

I was walking around wallyworld early this morning and came across this RealTree camo cap, with built in LEDs, among the clearance shelf in sporting goods, and I can always use another hat, so I bought it. The batteries were low, almost dead, but I had spares at home. The info tag says it'll run for 50 hours, and I assume that's on the low setting, with continued dimming as the 4 CR2032 lithium coin cell batteries are depleted during use.

The battery box is along the back side, under the sweat band, and it wasn't noticeable to me at all while wearing the hat. There are two small LEDs under the brim and two more larger ones on the front edge, with 3 modes: first click of the switch(under the brim) and the low power down angled LEDs under brim come on, next click is just the brighter two edge LEDs, and a third click cycles to all four LEDs on, and another click to off again.

My only worry is how it'll handle if the hat gets wet. The tag says to remove batteries before washing, hand wash in warm water, and line dry. I imagine it'll be soaked in sweat once the temps warm up. I'm thinking if any salty/sweaty condensation finds it's way onto any of the metal contacts or along the wiring, it's fate will be sealed, but I'll I reckon I'll just find out over time...

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