Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Shoulder cord knot work...

This is from Failblog, and split britches can be funny as long as it doesn't happen to you. I was reminded of joining my first bowling league, while in high school, and at the first meeting, I managed to split my britches(blue jeans) down the back and and got a 7/10 pin split at the same time...

As to the photo, I was trying to figure out what kind of knot/braid/sinnet was used with the fellow's shoulder cord, lol...

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Anonymous said...

He man, love the site.
As for your quandary, the cord in question is a unit award called a fouragere. Most of the fourragere's I've run across are simple 3strand braids. One notable exception is this one: http://www.blingcheese.com/image/code/83/army+infantry.htm
It would help if someone could identify what branch of service he is in. Though, I'm pretty sure it isn't a U.S. branch, which doesn't really narrow down the field.


Stormdrane said...

@Jon, Thanks for the info. I did not know the correct term for the shoulder cord was fourragere, and a little more searching found more history on it.

I also found info on the aiguillette, that looks similar, but is not to be confused with a fourragere, having an interesting history as well.

Anonymous said...

Hey Stormdrane.
I enojy your sense of humour. Been a bad day for me and having refound your writings have had some laughs, starting from listening to your audio! Havent seen your postings for months, funny how things just happen...was looking at sailor bracelets...and refound you!!

ThanXs.I think you are cool.