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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Black Crater Cord Lock LED Light

I bought a couple of these cord lock lights, by Black Crater, from and they're also available from REI. A little larger than I imagined, but still of a usable size. The LED runs off of two CR1220 lithium batteries and has run times listed on the package of: High 12 hrs, Low 20 hrs , and Flash 50 hrs, though I've not tested those. The light cycles through a push button on the side. It puts out the typical small key chain LED amount of light with just a slight difference between low and high. The batteries are accessible through the black rubber boot held in place by a lip and friction. Easy enough to remove with a fingernail, but I think it'll stay in place with normal use, and the package mentions 'Water Resistant Construction', probably meaning it'll be ok in the rain. A loop of paracord easily fits through the cord lock section. I'll probably put one on a paracord key chain and the other on a jacket. Sorry for the poor video quality from my no frills camera, remix with TV frame and cheesy music done with Photobucket video editing.

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expresso said...

The cord lock flashlight is a great idea, but I've found a better price than 9.95 for one, which was on REI's website. I found a 3 pack of the Cord Lock LED lights at for 19.95. The website was easy to use and the order was quickly delivered.