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Friday, August 29, 2008

Ten Things You Should Never Say During A Job Interview

A good list from the folks at

Looking for a new job? Unfortunately, you'll probably have to interview for the position. Here are a few things to avoid in that stressful moment.

(NOTE: Don't be stupid enough to actually try any of the items below, or you'll find yourself in jail, in the hospital, or, even worse, in the unemployment line!)

  1. Oh, my criminal record? Well...if it helps, I didn't pull the trigger.

  2. If it involves sitting around doing nothing, I'm your man!

  3. Are you busy later? I know a great little Italian place.

  4. Wait, you wanted someone with at least a high school diploma? Nevermind.

  5. References? That may be a problem due to those stupid restraining orders.

  6. Aren't you Rachel's dad? Man, she's one wild and crazy chica!

  7. Do you mind if I light up?

  8. Where do I see myself a year from now? Sitting in your chair, actually.

  9. Sorry if I'm not up to par this morning...I still have a nasty hangover.

  10. Before we start the interview, can I get an advance on my pay? My bookie's an impatient man.

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