Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Raw shelled pumpkin seeds...

Among the contents of a Halloween pumpkin belated birthday bucket, from one of my sisters, was a package of raw shelled pumpkin seeds.

They are pretty good, although I think they could use a bit of seasoning(salt).

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

iProtec 1400 LED Flashlight

Ma and Pa gave me this iProtec LED flashlight for my birthday (Oct 3). Shown next to my 2D cell Maglite for size reference.
The iProtec 1400 model is the same as the Nebo Redline BLAST.

 Paracord grip on my Maglite is from a 2006 blog post.

Friday, September 22, 2017

New gutters...

New gutters and downspouts installed this morning. For some reason, gutters were never put on the sides of the house when it was first built, just on the front and back. The home inspector recommended they be put on the sides as well, to protect the foundation over time.

The couple of local firefighters that did the work (they do this as a second job on the days they aren't on duty), pulled the old gutters down and had the new ones up all the way around the house in just a few hours, done by lunch.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Framing and the fallen...

Contractors hammering away, putting framing up for another house behind us. I don't think they're building any more of the smaller craftsman style homes like ours in the neighborhood, just the larger two-story ones.

Not sure how they'll fit those larger ones on the empty lots beside us and across the street in front of the lake/pond (mosquito farm).

Took a couple of pics of the trees that blew down out back behind/beside our house, during Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irma last week.

A taller one with shallow roots fell and took out all the others beside it. There's a drainage ditch/storm drain just behind/underneath them. I don't know if they'll just be left like that or cleared out when the next door lot eventually gets developed.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Campbell Hausfeld 5-in-1 Cordless PowerPal

Well, after ten+ years, my Campbell Hausfeld 5-in-1 Cordless PowerPal seems to be dead.  The battery has been steadily going down (sealed lead acid) in performance for the last five or six years, but it still worked well enough to keep it in my truck for when I needed it, mostly just keeping my tires properly inflated.

The few times I tried to use the jump starter function, it did not work, either because the vehicle battery was too far gone, or it didn't have enough juice to help crank one.

I'd used the lantern/flashlight occasionally, even though the fluorescent bulb didn't put out that much light.  The inverter function came in handy when the house power was out, to run simple single plug in items like phone chargers, even in the past working Pa's CPAP machine (Continuous positive airway pressure therapy) that he uses every night for his sleep apnea. I'd brought it in the house during Hurricane Irma/Tropical Storm Irma, to put it to use, but it's now DOA.

I've looked for a replacement occasionally over the last couple of years, online and at wallyworld when browsing the automotive section, but comparable models run more than I can afford, so getting a new one keeps getting pushed back on the list of things to take care of, lol...

And in today's mail, early birthday (Oct 3) presents arrived. A six pack of Old Spice Classic body wash. Usually I buy these at the local Kroger, Walmart, or Walgreens, but they have not had it in stock for months now, unknown why. Also received new earpads for my six year old Sony headphones.

The faux leather pads deteriorate over time and crack/disintegrate into little black crumbs/specks after a couple of years. They still sound good, despite my hearing loss/tinnitus, so I've kept using them.

I'd bought a pair of earpad covers four years ago, but they're worn out now too, so I'd mentioned to Ma that replacement pads could be bought instead of buying all new headphones.

Ceiling fan chain pulls installed after some stormy weather...

Ma had a couple of ceiling fan chain pulls she wanted to go on the newly installed patio fan/light to replace the plain white painted metal ones that came on the Hunter branded outdoor rated fan.  I had the fish model my ceiling fan chain in my bedroom at the other house, before we moved, and the lighthouse pull was hanging from the front office ceiling fan chain.

Not sure where Ma got these hand painted pulls, just that we've had them for years.  Maybe she bought them at a gift shop in Savannah, or perhaps Gatlinburg, or they may have been Christmas gifts from family...

Hurricane Irma/Tropical Storm Irma rolled through Georgia over the last couple of days, knocking our power out for 30+ hours and taking down at least a couple of trees in the neighborhood, one in the woods behind our house, and the other one in front of a neighbor's home.

The one across the street fell right across the sidewalk.  The horror!  I could have been crushed, if I ever took walks around the neighborhood, which I haven't, and now I am surely dissuaded from doing so.  "Danger, Will Robinson!" :P