Friday, January 20, 2017

Batoning Is Stupid & I'll Prove It!

Simple tip that might save your knife if you've been hammered with the notion that a knife ain't no good if it doesn't survive the abuse of batoning to split wood.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Growing Portraits with Grass | That’s Amazing

My pa told me, that back in his high school days (1960's), some students from his school used grass/weed killer to write his school's name on rival schools lawn, lol...

2017 Unity TB Motorhome RV

Nice travel/living RV!

Friday, January 06, 2017

Broken Handle on Crockpot Lid

Our slow cooker/crock pot lid handle broke today, but I found a tutorial for the exact problem fix and managed to repair it.

I'm not sure how the rubber o-rings I used will hold up over time, will have to see, since I didn't have a washer similar to the original one that was glued/caked up in place on the old bolt/nut on the lid.

*Edit:  Ma had some spare washers in a container under the kitchen island sink, so I removed the o-ring I'd used for the repair and the better fitting washer was put in its place.

The only real concern now is how hot the exposed bolt/nut with the handle repair will get from heat transfer when the crock pot/slow cooker is in use, and will that mean someone is gonna get burned if not careful when grabbing the handle, resulting in hollering/cussing and a dropped and broken glass lid, lol.

I suppose there might be a rust issue with the nut/bolt over time, but maybe that'll just be a potential little bit of iron oxide spice added to the diet...