Authentic Sanrenmu GJ040Z Key Shaped Multi-purpose Stainless Steel EDC Tool

Thursday, March 22, 2018


Looks amusing. :)

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Cable Keyring Fail

While out shopping, I had a vinyl covered cable keyring failure, which led to the items on my keyring/keychain dropping to the floor and scattering about when I opened my edc tactical keychain pouch and pulled the keyring out.  The crimped end is still screwed inside the barrel.

I bought this plastic/vinyl covered twisted type steel cable keyring six or seven years ago, but had only used it in rotation with other split ring type (FreeKey) and regular keyrings, so probably got a couple of years of actual usage out of it.

Because the end pieces are crimped over the plastic instead of directly around the steel cable, I'm guessing that made it less secure than it would otherwise have been, and my pulling on it to retrieve it from the pouch put additional stress on it too.

I've not had other uncovered cable keyrings break on me before, but am now aware of the possible failure point.  They screw barrels can loosen up over time, going in and out of a pocket, but my OCD has me checking to make sure it stays tight, so that's not an issue for me, and I'll continue to use them in the future.

I was able to remove the crimped end from the barrel by unscrewing it with the small phillips end of my Stanley Pocket Screwdriver.  I tried re-crimping the end on to the cable, after trimming away the plastic on that end, but I guess I applied too much pressure because the crimped end flattened out and half of it broke away.  So, into the trash with that one, I have several others in the gadget drawer to replace it...

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Assorted EDC pen collection...

Some of the pens in my current collection that get rotated for my EDC (everyday carry). I do have others that I use, including Sharpie markers, highlighters, Bic Cristals, Parker, Pentel, Cross, etc..., but these were handy to take a photo, while others are stashed in kits/bugoutbag/backpack/glovebox/desk caddy and whatnot.

Most of the pens are ballpoints, but I think the brass one has a gel ink refill.

Because someone had asked abouth the tray when I posted this photo to reddit:

That's a rubber no-slip dashboard valet that I received as either a birthday or Christmas gift years ago. The little slots at the top end are for coins/spare change.

I don't leave things exposed to view in my vehicle that might tempt would be thieves, so it's kept on my dresser, to keep some EDC gadgets/keychain/pocket knives/multitools and whatnot from scratching the finish up. ;)

From the top:

* Leeds Mini Pen (Fisher Space Pen refill)

* Spacetec Grip Pen

* Zebra F-301 Compact Pen

* No-name Tactical Pen (ebay)

* No-name Brass Bamboo Pen (ebay)

* Kershaw Tactical Pen (sold as combo kit with knife) with Fisher Space Pen refill

* FURA Tactical Pen (orange)

* Defender Xtreme Tactical Pen (ebay)

* Zebra F-701 Stainless Pen

* No-name Tactical Pen (ebay) with Fisher Space Pen refill

* County Comm Titanium Embassy Pen (2011)

* Fisher Bullet Pen with pocket clip (chrome)

* Fisher Bullet Pen no clip (chrome)

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Opinel Factory

I've owned and given a few Opinel knives as gifts, and they're good blades for the money.

As an Amazon affiliate I earn a small percentage of sales when folks go to amazon through my links and shop, and that helps pay the bills, so, 'Thanks!'.

Check out the VENOM and VENOM RED mochi drawstring backpacks with Stormdrane logo and stitched paracord handle.  I receive a percentage from the sale of each of those versions from Mochibrand.

Sunday, February 18, 2018