Saturday, July 07, 2018

Ma's daisies...

Some of Ma's daisies at the back of the house.  There are some more on the other side of the patio, but Pa had been over that side a few weeks ago, bent over picking and pulling at weeds, and he lost his balance and fell on the daisies. 

He couldn't get back up by himself, and it took Ma and me both with a chair to help him up. 

Every time Ma sees Pa headed out to the yard to pull up some weeds, she tells him to stop, don't do it, lol...

Monday, June 25, 2018

LED light fail...

During a thunderstorm last week, our power went out, so I retrieved my Nextorch Eco Star headlamp from the nightstand where it was stored and turned it on. The light came on, but would not change modes (hi/low/red) or turn off.

I took the batteries out and checked them, and they were still good, so I put them back in the light, but it then would not come on at all.

I tried a fresh set of batteries, and still the light would not work. At least I have plenty of other lights on hand that do work, and the Manker E02 fit snugly in the Nextorch headlamp clamp for hands free use.

I sent an email to Nextorch, since they supposedly have a 'Limited Lifetime' warranty, and will wait and see if they respond... The Eco Drive had worked fine since I bought it in 2014, but it's disconcerting when you need a light and it no longer functions for any apparent reason... :/

Monday, June 18, 2018

Porch and patio flowers...

Ma bought some new flowers (zinnia) at Lowes and planted them in pots out front and on the back patio.

The old flowers had been done for with the summer heat.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

jalapeƱos with pineapple...

I believe one of my sisters gave Pa this jar of Jalopy Jelly, jalapeƱos with pineapple, for either Father's Day, Christmas, or his birthday a couple of years or more ago, and it had been hidden in the back of the old pantry until we moved last year.

Pa isn't supposed to have spicy foods because of his acid reflux, so they'd been untouched until I ran out of the hot and sweet jarred jalapenos that I like and opened up this jar recently. They're pretty good, although being softer without any crunch or firmness compared to the ones I usually add to foods.

There are chunks of pineapple mixed in, but I haven't tried eating those, because of a previous experience with some pickles that had pineapple chunks, which were actually the core section that might impart some sweet pineapple flavor, but were too hard and fibrous to enjoy eating.

It took Ma and Pa over an hour to get home from church this Father's Day.  They'd stopped by Burger King and bought some of those Rodeo King burgers that Ma likes, along with some french fries to bring back to the house, but there was a train stopped on the tracks between there and home, and with it blocking traffic for some unknown reason, they had to turn around and find another route to get back to the crib.

The jalapenos added a nice bit of spiciness to the burger.  I still prefer the Whopper, but not complaining with a fast food treat that I normally can't afford to indulge in, especially a single burger that runs around $7. 

I didn't find a current website, so I don't know if Jalopy Jelly is still around or not, located up in Marietta, GA according to the label. I did find a Cooking Channel video for Jalopy Jelly on YouTube, from 2010, and a nutrition label from another website.