Sunday, September 25, 2016

New Soups to Try...

I found several 'NEW!' Campbell's Chunky Soups on the shelves at wallyworld this morning and bought a few to try.


Monday, September 19, 2016

Front porch spider returns...

I'd not seen this critter for a coulple of days anywhere that it's been setting up for the past couple of months, but it's back now, blocking the the front walk with the web these last two days, even with the rain, heavy at times, so I have to go out through the garage to avoid catching on e the web when going to retrieve the morning newspaper.

After a few photos with the flashlight on him/her, it seems they think it's time to pack up for the day, so it starts retrieving/eating the web and packing up before withdrawing to a safe spot somewhere in the tree above. It ends up swinging a bit wildly when moving on the outer securing strands and that's enough to make me clear out of range since I'd rather not wake the neighbors if it landed on me and I let slip a hollar or two and frantic running/jumping/swiping/slapping at myself to get the bugger off, lol... :P

Friday, September 16, 2016

McCormick Chipotle Black Pepper Seasoning

I was browsing the aisles at wallyworld this morning, looking to replace the nearly empty shaker of McCormick Hot Shot Black and Red Pepper blend that I like, but it seemed to be out of stock.  Instead I noticed a 'NEW' Chipotle Black Pepper Seasoning on the shelf, so I bought one to give it a try.

Today, September 16, is my parents 49th wedding anniversary, and those flowers on the kitchen island in the photo are ones Pa gave to Ma.

Sunday, September 04, 2016

Today's edc pocket knife...

In my pocket edc for today is a SEARS U.S.A. model 95235 jack knife, that my Granny gave to me for Christmas years ago, some time in the 1990's I believe, or perhaps the late 80's.

I had it stored in a tackle box in the garage for years, so it's got a bit of tarnish about it, otherwise in good condition with nice sharp edges on both blades. If only it had a bail or hole for a paracord lanyard...

Granny usually gave me one or two knives every Christmas, mostly inexpensive imported types or display variety, as she lived on a fixed Social Security income, I still appreciated every one she gave me and still have many tucked away in various gadget drawers.

Game Day Greats Instant Win Game

Snacking on some chips, and they taste even better when they're free. Won a can of Pringles on a daily instant win game from Kroger(picked the JalapeƱo flavor), and also won a jar of Tostitos salsa, picked both up yesterday after getting an emissions test on my truck (annual tag renewal this month).

Also had a few other freebies on my Kroger loyalty card, Yoplait yogurt cup, Power Bar, bakery Angel Food Cake, and Carmex Lip Care, but the lip balm was out of stock, will have to look for it another time, hopefully find it before it expires...