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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Doritos Loaded and Canned Chili Roundup

Sold some knot work, which I rarely do, so I'd have some money for another grocery run before the month is out and used those funds for some Halloween candy for trick-or-treaters, and to try out the new frozen snack Doritos Loaded Jalapeno & Cheese and some canned chili I hadn't had before shown with a couple of others that I have.

The Doritos Loaded were heated up in a toaster oven following the box directions, 11 minutes at 450 degrees on a oven safe tray and let sit for 2 minutes after. They were okay, not great. Not as good as jalapeno poppers, cream or cheddar varieties whether homemade or store bought, but I might buy them again if company were coming over.

I've had the Hardy Jacks Chili with Beans before and like it, haven't tried the Southgate Chili with Beans before, and will not buy the Vietti Chili with Beans again as I do not like it. Even adding jalapenos and cheese to the Vietti did not improve it, so the remaining can may just be added in to some homemade chili to use it up. 

The Southgate chili was good, although it was more soupy than shown in the label on the can.

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