Saturday, August 08, 2015

UCO Clarus LED Lantern/Flashlight

This was my first go with a group buy on Massdrop(Free to join!), for the UCO Clarus LED Collapsible Lantern, which arrived safely today.  I put in three fresh AAA batteries and it lit up and functioned as described.

From just handling it out the packaging, it's a nice lantern/flashlight combo, decent build quality for the cost, with up to 70 hours of runtime on low and 150 lumens of brightness on high, along with a medium and emergency strobe outputs too per the info on the package and folded insert info.

It's touted as 'highly water resistant', which I take to mean it'll be okay if it gets rained on, but I doubt anything more, like being submerged might be too much for it, and states to not put it away wet.

The top section extends out, as seen in my photo, for lantern mode, and collapses down for flashlight use, with a nice projected spotlight.  The modes can be cycled through with half presses on the bottom clickie, it will tail stand, and has a fold down loop at the top for hanging it from a hook, nail, cord, or whatnot.  Although the body is plastic, it doesn't feel too cheap like some lights I've handled, good for what it is.

The o-ring is questionable, as it doesn't seem to want to stay completely in place as the battery cap/clickie switch is tightened down, sometimes bulging unevenly.  I added a bit of silicone grease to smooth it out, but may try a different o-ring if I can find one the appropriate size in the gadget drawer...

My folk's anniversary is next month, so this may go to them to use on the occasional power outage around the house or for my Pa to use with after dark food pantry church work or homeless ministry outings, which keep him out after dark sometimes in wooded areas where some homeless folks set up camp sometimes.

It's a much nicer light than some of the incandescent D-cell lights they still keep using in their vehicles and around the house.  I still have LED lights all around the house, but they whip out those dim ringy beamed inefficient buggers every time there's a power outage after dark, lol...

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