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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Condor Flex Fit Cap

I bought a Condor Flex Fit Cap and transferred my patches and fish hook from my adjustable one. I've never owned a flex fit type before, so I'll have to see how it feels over time.

I wear a size 7 3/4 hat, so I got the L/XL version to fit my noggin, and it feels alright so far, snug enough that a breeze won't blow it off, but not so tight that it's cutting off circulation. The 100% polyester material has a good quality and feel to it, although I wonder if my head is gonna cook inside of it on a hot sunny day, lol...

The flag patch and cap came from Gadsden and Culpepper, screen name patch from 1800nametape, and the flag fish hook from wallyworld.

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