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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Imminent Failure...

My three year old HP laptop/notebook computer is not doing well.  The hard drive has been experiencing issues since last year, and from the messages on screen, it's not going to last much longer.  I've run the diagnostics and chkdsk, which seemed to help some, but that's just putting off the inevitable demise of the hard disk.  I bought an external hard drive last year, to save some files, mostly photos I didn't want to lose.

The previous laptop, also an HP, had similar issues, needing a new drive after the first two or three years and then had a second failure after seven years of use since it had been purchased.  I lost almost all the files on them since I didn't back them up.  Lots of the photos had been uploaded online, but the full size originals were lost, and some things that had been attached to email were saved in the 'cloud'.   

Both of these laptops have been treated like desktops, not being carried around, bumped, shaken or dropped, but with daily use they just don't seem to have the lifspan of a true desktop.  I can't afford to replace it right now with bills and tax worries, but at least I can still get online with an older desktop at home...

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