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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

VooDoo Tactical Enlarged BDU Wallet

A 'VooDoo Tactical Enlarged BDU Wallet' arrived in the mail yesterday. Calling it a wallet is somewhat misleading as it's actually too big to fit the cargo pockets on my britches. Still, it should serve as a good organizer to go in a backpack or maybe the truck glovebox....

And a size comparison photo with the VooDoo pouch and my Maxpedition Micro and 5.11 organizers.

1 comment:

timothius said...

To put this in competition with the quality of maxpedition products is crazy. I own both the voodoo package and the small organizer by maxpedition and there is no comparison at all. I gave the voodoo to a kid for his camping gear. The voodoo wallet is good but frankly next to the quality of the other 2, there is none!