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Friday, August 29, 2014

A warm August mail day...

In today's mail, I received 'The Knot Book', a 1983 paperback copy by Geoffrey Budworth, that I came across on ebay just as the auction was about to end.  Not recognizing the cover, I bid and won(only bidder).  Now that I have it in hand, I realize I already own a 1985 paperback version of it, which is slightly larger with a different cover, lol.  I may just end up gifting it to a friend or family member, or donating it to the Boy Scout troop at my folks church.

I also received a Wallet Ninja, pulling the trigger on one since they're fairly inexpensive, and if I don't lilke it, it may go to a brother-in-law, uncle, or nephew come Christmas time. ;)

And a few 100 foot long hanks of cord came in, some ceil blue 550 paracord with a reflective tracer, 425 cord in licorice(red/black), and navy blue Type I paracord.

Looking through a desk drawer, I found some Tyvek credit card sleeves I'd bought years ago, and the Wallet Ninja fits perfectly inside, and with that material being pretty tuff, it should help protect the edges of the tool from catching on things inside a wallet.

Although I have room for more stuff in my T.H.E. Wallet, only being about 2.25" thick at this point(George Costanza syndrome), I probably couldn't close it if I actually had any cash to go along with the assorted stuff inside, lol...

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